Saturday, April 5, 2014

In Response to ~ NAPOWRIMO 2014 ~ Day 3 ~ Charm Against Sonorous Sounds ~


                                      Challenge to write a charm – a simple rhyming poem

Soft cotton balls from fields of lovely growth
silencers from all the cars of the world
speech jammers anti barking-ers
compressors depressors collected
may keep sonorous sounds low
Ah,silencers of the noisy crossbow-
cackle babble coo caw swish
pendabra pendabra penciglish
I wish ...


stop stop erase erase'
there is more pain than meets the ear'
alarms sirens are useful 'dear
let them wail on by the arm
Poof' there goes half the charm'
would there ever be a solution
to the sonorous noise pollution?


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