Friday, April 4, 2014

In Response to ~ NAPOWRIMO ~ 2014 ~ BIBLIOMANCY ORACLE ~ O Heart Thou Must Beat ~

Nothing worse than discarded hopes
Butting in when you have given up,
Thrusting faith into comfortable loss,
Demanding your heart again because
This time they've made a proper start,
This time they will rise in triumph.
from “Leeks” by Richard Spilman

O Heart' Thou must beat

Once again a cold mist surrounds
Grey dull darkness makes the light
Thin bare branches stretch out tight
bracing the long wintry wait with
the trunk stuck deep like krait;

Once again I see all;
same life as a game, a Fall
Of time- Of love, of words of rhyme;
Once again I see rainbow twinkles;

I see Light as my heart misses
a beat and creates ripples
in the veins, constant are the pains
of the sacred crime ~

discarded hopes were forgotten
remember the seven deadly sins?
Pride greed sloth and the glutton?
This time they've made a proper start,

O Innocent Heart’ Thou must beat
To beat the terrible monster Afreet
Once again there is emptiness
I reach out only to touch – Nothingness

But no retreat not even in super heat
Stay upbeat, there is shade quite cool
When Faith manifests making loss
Comfortable , reminds one of the rule’
Come’ take respite under the mesquite’

Hope with Mercy must tie
No need to shed tears or cry
This time it is time to bow low
Then rise in triumph ‘reach for the sky’

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