Tuesday, April 8, 2014

~ NAPOWRIMO ~ Day 7 ~ A Love Poem ~ My Dear Precious Pencil ~

Today’s prompt is to write a love poem, but the object of the poem should be inanimate.

O' My Dear Perceptional Pencil
How can I deny My love,

Without you
 I cannot write nor reply

I look for you all the time
I hold you to even draw a line
I move you to form new words
I keep you and hold you close
I smile to myself when I see you lie
And if I ever lose you I cry, 

O' My Precious Personal Pencil
Without you I cannot rely, I know not
where and when the words may fly'
O' The writing and the written world 
 You  gracefully elegantly unfold;
Making it possible for all tales untold
To see the myths legends fables of old
And the note' the words of gold
In silver bronze embossed or bold
You make me feel warm in the cold

O' Most  Dear Precious  Pencil
under my pillow you sleep
where from time to time I peep
you are there, then I am at peace
I Have you, I buy, to hold, to keep,
you can never be given or taken away
You will forever stay with me
 my notebook sketchbook and diary
you make me strong 
you make me bold
 you cannot be sold.

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