Wednesday, May 7, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Home Is Not The Same ~

Poems ABOUT children ~ NOT poems for children. 

My dear daughter, 
home is not the same -
since time took you away to your own,
you are special, you will always be,
for the love and care you have shown;
to my mom and me; and to 
all around you, known and unknown;
for the peace you would bring
to all arguments and all things;
you are special for all you shared
held my bags, dresses books and spared-
stored and saved my weakening strength;
when you gave me time,
you could have spent with your friends-
thank you dear, May Allah make all amends - 
and Bless you with joy peace and love
from all ends,  amen.
of the Heavens and Universe;
You are my precious daughter,
my life my soul I think of you always,
Always in my heart, and never to part,

    Missing you son

    I never felt the distance before
    Nor sensed the silence in the room,
    I never missed the familiar footstep  
    Nor the clutching click of the door;  
    Now often I think I hear  
    The soft burr of your bike
    Rolling, whirring in the lane
    The lifting flick of the gate way latch
    And the 'tick tick' on the window pane;
   At times I see you on the prayer mat
   Or in your writing chair;
   Where you would sit for hours on end
   To read and write and note and plan,
   And from time to time
   Would turn around, to
   Exchange  a  friendly chat;

   And now I know why God made sons
  Why faith and peace is strong,
  When love is true and distances long,
   No absence can ever break the bond;

   And now I know
   How one so close, can be so far away,
   No one can show, no one can wait
  To stop and pat and wipe your tears away;
   My son My dear, in distant land
  You are with me, each day
  As when I first held your hand
  You first opened your eyes,
  And tried to say…."Aye"

  Time moved on and time moves on
  Time is just fair
  My son My dear, in another land,
  You are not here ….
  You left the footsteps in the sand;
  I know… I wake up with a start,
 You are forever in my heart;

  Your helmet heavy in your hand,
  I see you, standing there.



  1. precious heart felt words. What a treasure they are and a legacy they carry forth.

    1. Yes Thank you Moonie, for your kind words and your precious time,Best regards.

  2. Anjum, this is so very moving. How we love our children, and how hard it is as the years pass and they move at a distance from us. Sigh. I know they will love your poems to them. A Mother's Day gift from you to them. So beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Daughter who gave so much, son who filled the room--both grown up and making lives of their own ... I don't feel the final farewell here. I like the letter form of the first, so intimate and full of hugs. I like the stand up eagerness of the second, the buzz of sounds. Beautiful works of art. I hope they read this blog. I have no children of my own, but have a mother who reads and enjoys my poetry.

  4. Thank you Susan for your most kind words and loving thoughts.It is the Lords way of giving and taking of Life-I lost a child -would have been my third-then Allah sent a Gift my younger daughter (in black shawl) I experienced pain and loss as well as joy-we are four sisters (2 are US citizens)No brothers-so Life is like that -I believe You are a Joy for your Respected Mother -Your love makes her life beautiful and you will be highly blessed for all you do for her.Thank you and You bring much joy to me ,please stay in touch.regards.

  5. How very heartfelt! I feel it all with you as I read.

    1. Dear Mary Thank you Your visit and most kind words are an honor for me. Best regards.

  6. the words are so palpable...a mother's heart could be felt and touched...very moving