Friday, May 16, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Bicycling ~ There is a Bicycle ~

There is a  bicycle 

in every Cycle of Life 
and so there was in mine
I never owned one but always rode one
and pushed around I guess, about nine'
Johnny brought his red tricycle
Father had a grand Raleigh
Uncle got a Rustam - Sohrab
 there was always one to grab after cooking 
 the bicycle waited' free without rent or booking'
my kids got one each then grand kids rode 
to their height and reach

the love of bicycles continued in life
and so does the need,some use it to sell
their goods
some take the milk for sale through the woods

My son far away from home, now on his own
found the love of his life in a land full of bikes 
Mom my wish is granted  by the Lord
I pedal and travel,free of any fuel fraud
bicycles have stories fun and hurts
bruised knees feet and torn shirts
but the best I believe may be this one
a true depiction of the new generation
aware of rights votes and deception 
seen in the city surely all over the country
participants of the recent democratic election


  1. I like the details of the history of the bike through your family. Enjoyed this.

  2. What fun! The bicycle provides liberty and individual freedom and finally, democracy and protest. Neat, illustrations and all.

    1. Thank you Susan This was a lovely enjoyable prompt