Friday, June 6, 2014

For Imaginary Garden with Real Toads ~ Lost Art of Letter Writing ~ ' The Letter Flew the Wrong Way ~

There was a time when letters were written enclosed in an envelope and thrown over the wall-The receiver would then be sent a text message of ' mail dropped receive please' This particular letter somehow slipped behind the newly placed washing machine on the terrace and was abandoned as lost for many days and so these lines came into being.........

Dear Friend I Wrote I Sent I Waited 

You never received my letter I never knew
And I thought you did not wish to write
You looked for it and did not find it--
How awfully odd or maybe sad you must have been-
When no postal packet there was on the scene;
What strange emotions from the spirit must have risen?
Oh Dear for the misplacement of the letter May I be forgiven?
I never knew that you never set eyes on the paper blue
And I got a message so prompt so kind, “so nice of you’
What brevity of the wit was writ on the mini screen? 
And I thought “a reply, but only words, and words -so few?”
While I was feeling happy at the ink so green------
Ah! Who is to blame for this fallen broken communication?
Who ever thought of raising partitions in a high house construction?
And above all, Nature did not make me so tall
I tried my best to throw the letter high across the wall.
If only I would have been like Thisbe, to speak or see through it--
Or fine fellow Romeo or soft sweet Jerry Juliet
I wish on the beautiful balcony, we had simply- just met;
How you spent all this time
What thoughts crossed your heart and mind?
When the letter you did not find-
That I was insincere- Created a shiver of fear
Maybe brought to the eye, a tear
‘I will never be so near To someone ever again’
I can not bear this stress strain and pain,
Again again and again; You thought-OH I have work to do
I simply can not give time to you—who are you and why you, you—
And I, ME Myself-lifted my heavy self and thought of my thought enhancer- 
My Mother! The remover of encumbrancer,
The kind calm patient motivation romancer,
AH -But herself suffering from the Big C cancer, 
Would never ever get better, ever--
Taught me the lost art of writing letters;
And placing phrases words and thoughts in phonetic fetters;
I wish I had learnt the art of hurling the discus discs
From the Romans Italians and the great athletic Greeks
AH Then, you would have received my forlorn forsaken epistle
And I would have, to inform you, blown a little whistle;
WHEEEEE” Your post is flung across the Berlin Divide –
Come, Princess! Potentate Doctorate! Rise and Collect!
Take time out to write a reply lest the neighbor forever forget;
I never knew……..


  1. enjoyed this journey

    gracias for writing
    sincerely, nene

  2. This is the kind of longing that I associate with letter writing. Such a personal thing and the hope of a return reply never far from our desire. This had a sad and nostalgic tone, coupled with a really great pace. I think you hit it square on the head. thanks for participating, I loved it.

    Warmest Wishes,


    1. Letter writing led me to write more and better but one strongly expects a reply.The only difference is that the mailbox style has changed. Thank you

  3. I never learned to throw either. This letter is full of magical references and humor that mitigate the tragedy--but then, unlike Thisbe and Romeo--no one died in the making of this story. Except for Mom, gosh. And where was the friend then? I enjoyed reading this.

  4. Thank you I enjoyed writing it and makes me laugh every time I read it. It was addressed to a young Doctor (medical) next door friend who later joined the army.She was interested in my poetry and articles and would keep giving me writing challenges.I wrote a long humorous poem in the Punjabi language on her 'car and style of driving' Their seams burst on reading it because they were in the situation.My mom passed away in 1997 without knowing this friend.

  5. This is many faceted...what great story-telling and in rhyme, too...great fun.

  6. Thank you I am happy you enjoyed the story

  7. I am breathless, a great letter!

    1. Thank you Helen I really enjoyed writing this letter and the best part that I felt was that I read it out to my friend myself.My friends Mom found the envelope and gave it to me. I wish I could have videotaped my friends mixed reactions.My Gemini twin sometimes enjoys a little harmless mischief.

  8. Love it. I have sent a letter or two across a wall once...My hope is the recipient never received it.

    1. Thank you Susie I can imagine the great 'hope'-- smiles.