Wednesday, June 4, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Remembering the Tank Battle of Chawinda ~

This week POETS UNITED takes up a striking writing motif of Public Protest and History combined.
My experiences reveal that Protests always begin in a peaceful state but later end up in violence.If Protests are for the Basic Rights then the struggle must continue till success.Then in comes determination and a profound spirit of sacrifice.

Independence gained at a huge cost of human sacrifice must be defended protected and preserved.When the time comes the nation stands up to the demands and so the Midweek Motif gives the writer an opportunity to honor the Brave as the Chinese Patriot steadfast in front of the tank.

                The Battle of Chawinda was a part of the Sialkot Campaign in the War of 1965.
      It was one of the largest tank battles in history since the Battle of Kursk in World War II. Wikipedia.

For Freedom
When peaceful protest fails
and protesters are put in jails
then forces must  stand
bravely to defend the land-

In Attack
outnumbered  ten to one
crawled under enemy tank
martyred to glory sank in
body  blood in native sand

In loyalty
you saved the land
blasting enemy tanks
with bravery supreme
grenades in hands

In honor
you remain for ever you live
those who die a life they give
and repel the enemy aggressive.

And now I say and know
battles have been fought
public protests prevail
as Freedom must be saved
at all cost-

In Freedom There is Fear
When close and dear
one, is no more,

In Freedom there is Blood
When All you made in life
Is washed away in flood

In freedom there is sacrifice
When all you claim and own
Is taken away without a price;

In freedom there is Liberty
For many just a statue
All fights, no rights, nor equality

In Freedom there are letters
promises and false hopes
as soon you are in iron fetters;

In Freedom I was born
I never saw my land
I long for its beauty
In dewdrops shining
In the morn-

In Freedom there is a gift
treasure not and you find
it floating by and adrift;

In Freedom there is love
peace and harmony
Hold it strong
with the rope above;


  1. I like the early history opening into the "In Freedom" section. The first grounds the second in experience of blood, while the second has the imagery of floating that I associate with the pictures I have seen of Kashmir. I have always had a problem with a violent approach to peace, but in this context I understand the desperation that requires sacrifice and blood. Bravo!

    1. Thank you Susan I loved writing this piece in combination.More can be written as there is so much history all over the worldly nations and still going on

  2. We must indeed protect freedom..given people fought so hard to win it

    1. Yes it is our duty to take care of our home and the freedom to live in it is a great blessing.

  3. Love your words about the Freedom! Your poem shows awareness of human rights and supports the protest if they get destroyed.

  4. I can tell this topic goes deep with you, Anjum, as your family has lived close to the struggle for freedom. The story of those brave men climbing under the tanks is amazing. What a sacrifice!

    1. Thank you Sherry-Yes, that is how our very precious industrial city and state Sialkot was saved. Presently and as in the past foot balls have been prepared and hand stitched for the World Cup-This city is also famous for Medical surgical instruments fans shoes and many other Sports goods made for export.

    2. It is also the home town of our National Poet Dr. Allama Iqbal

  5. Nothing is more powerful than a connection to the sacrifice of war...such a strong, vivid piece