Thursday, July 24, 2014

~ Finding An Old Wooden Bench ~

I woke up to another morning
or rather I was awake 
till the breaking of dawn, 
Oh but what is 
If I may think
though the mind is filled
with loud piercing sounds,
sirens and screams
and the eyes filled 
with flowing red and flowing 
black and flying debris

who can think of sleeping?

If I could find and reach
an old wooden bench
in a garden peaceful
or by a silent empty 
roadside lined  shaded
with Çinar
and I could feel safe
in lonely comfort

 Whose bench is this?
who placed it here?
who was so kind?
who cared for the old?

But still if I find 
would I be able to
sit awhile awaiting the
closure of my laden eyes

for long awake on foamy floor
fearing the crashing of the door
with all the floods storms
and earthquakes I know
the Beast is somewhere near
and so
I cannot think of sleeping

am I awake to the Truth?

Could someone tell me 
If I do find
on an old wooden bench
what is real awakening?

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