Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Half Year ~

half year roses half year love
half year waiting for miracles
from the Heavens above

half year moves from Spring
to summers scorching heat
water scarce swollen feet

half way is the year ending
closing accounts in banking
no mon or fun no thanking'

Nature always makes perfect
nothing half hearted a purpose 
or never would have started

why do we say six is half way
or 12 is full soft and benign
For Nature's full circle is at nine 

yet all things have a half and full
all must keep the time to pull
calculations are Bears and  Bull

half the year may be good and bright 
half dark and tragic without much respite
if one half is heavy the other will be light'


  1. hey there is balance in half light and half dark...think at times we would rather it be all light...but everything has its season...and that is part of the rhythm....

  2. I love the hope in that closing line - "if one half is heavy the other will be light." May it be so! I love the halves described here......may the second half be even more wonderful!

  3. I'm glad you included the end of the fiscal year along with the more poetic half way marks and hopes. Swollen feet reminds me that for some the heat is worse than cold, dry is worse than rain--and for some the other way is true. I will have to look up nine and bears and bull--but I get the sense that however we slice it, we are subject to both dark and light. A fine truth beautifully exposed.

    1. Thank you Dear Susan Allah made the world and the Universe in perfect balance for a certain time period which only He Knows.

    2. The basic numbers are from 0-9 - see on the keyboard on the phone pad-any where- then the circle begins again 1+0= 10 ...1+1=11 and so on

  4. I love the flow in this piece..really no numbers can make sense of the just keeps us in 'check'..or tries to! I like how carefree this reads..

    1. Thank you Jae sometimes simple aspects of life should be taken as they come-we human beings tend to mix up things and complicate them

  5. I like the positive celebration of half year - all better yet ahead! Nice happy rhythm and rhymes :)x

  6. Thank you Friend Humbird-It is an honor to receive such wonderful comments from a great writer