Saturday, August 30, 2014

~ 31st August ~ I Wish I Had Not Seen This ~

I wish I had not seen  this but I did 
for I was free and so I thought in
my own country,
on the screen what
all was happening on the street
it is not a foreign place nor foreign 
are the men on the beat
How safe we are today at home?
I wish I had not seen this-

from time to time I cried and 
prayed and prayed with the people,
felt the hurt they suffered -what if 
it had been me or mine -but it is
to me it could happen -so are we free?
How safe we are today at home?
I wish I had not seen this-

I see them smile hardly 4 6 7 and 10-
 my own kids with such responsibility
and I thought 'I crossed barbed wires
and so soon the wires are back in place-?
and in my own free country?
I wish I had not seen this  

 they said it was a new country
 our own land our own home free 
the colonial crown is down 
gone is the purple gown- 
but so soon we are marching again
in the sun in the rain with deep pain
sonorous thumping sounds as
 breathing is heavy the eyes burn 
we are still trying to remove the stain'
I wish I had not seen this'

who is right who is true who
is for me and who is for you?
O you who are so cruel and
all ready to kill and duel-
remember that in the end it is 
nothing but a Pyrrhic victory-

the grave you dig for others
may be your own who knows
the wealth you gather now,will
 be no more in hands or shows' 
but when greed and wine is in
arrogance flows and the wit is out
all is soon over but the shout'

I wish I had not seen this 
But I wish a time, I would like to see
my own free land in peace and bliss
free for all people equally 

I wish and pray....and hope ...and....


  1. O! Wow! The repetition makes this dirge like, I am walking at a funeral for innocence and hope. Odd how just the reading of it in words which uncover your pain gives me a catharsis so I can leave here refreshed. I will share this poem!

    1. Thank you Susan The Freedom March has turned into tragedy but I hope we shall see a better future Insha Allah