Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In Response to Dr Susan Chast's Poem 'How to Let the Sea In ~ I am Nothing ~

I am Nothing

I am but a speck of dust,in the sand, by the sea

My life my soul my spirit  is not mine

I am but a form, a smile a thought

my idea my vision my purpose

Is for the Heaven Divine,

The Pure The Holy  The Forever

I am, but just Love a spirit …

from water from the skies from the sea…

the wave talks to me, here it comes…

On the beach beside the sea….

walking in the sand,softly freeing from all injury

sometimes sinking deep letting go

this is how I know Nature talks  to me…

only they  understand what in the Earth is sweet

who remember to walk in the sand ,with barefeet

1 comment:

  1. Love those final two lines! as you show, we each might be no bigger than a speck of dust to the universe, but that is something. It is enough.