Sunday, August 31, 2014

~ In Response to Dr Susan L Chast's Poem ~ 'Just Saying ' ~

Inspiration can come from anywhere ' For the following lines it was
The Title of the Poem 'Just Saying'  

If Icarus would lend me his wings 
I would ask Aeolus to fly me high
across the sea,beyond the mountain
find and destroy the angry anguine

Just Saying !

White or black it does not matter
I would fit in  and lie as a key
metamorphosed into minor octave
and play a tune of the tribe Twi !

Just Saying !

If I could study at Hogwarts'
I would learn wizardry of all wars
waving wands and casting spells take
 all weapons to  turn them into  stars 

Just Saying ! 

No, Not This Time 


  1. Like this. If only we could defend and act on each of these things we just say .... I like your scenarios. Here's the link to my poem: Perhaps you can make the title of my poem above an active link?

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