Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In Response to 'Intimacy"

 I cannot work because
There is something or someone 
who talks to me
And keeps me waiting

If only I could see The Spirit
Which I feel close, yet so far
Placing the bar 
on my thoughts and actions,

I cannot think because
 my mind is quiet not stirring
Lest  sweet words of The Spirit
May not find their way in

And I may crush the tender layer thin
In between which keeps us bound,
I cannot let go the joy
 in my heart I have found

at hearing  mellifluous melody
of  affectionate aura around,
seeping in the soul  making peace
washing smoothly away the tears

and the fears so deep,
I can now sleep with ease
For I cannot speak or say
of the Good Night Prayer

That descends in time so rare
And I cannot say that If I wake
Life may be like a snow flake
White and pure and sure, as

The Angels in Heaven, make.

Poem 'Intimacy' by Dr Susan Chast at Poets United 

1 comment:

  1. Oh, my! What an honor! The first half is such a love poem--in fact, the first 4 stanzas stand alone as a song. It is a stilling of a spirit that wants to be free, though, so it makes sense that the poem continues. The fifth stanza is such an ode of joy, that by the sixth it washes away tears and fears and sleeplessness. That's better than a love that makes on fear and tiptoe. By the end of this poem you too ascend to meet the prayer that is so beyond individuals and mortality. When we get to unknowing, there is no longer need to pause, divine intimacy is reached. This is how I pair up the two poems. If I missed connections,I hope you will tell me. But it speaks to me and explores ideas of intimacy more clearly and simply than I could do!