Monday, August 11, 2014

~ A Sacred Gain ~

How to say that 
a calm vision flashes again 
How to convey, solemn serenity
descends to ease the pain
How to stop the love 
that wishes to explain
How to express that the heart
beats in memories enchained

How to convince that a
peaceful presence remains
How to relate the tenderness
felt so deep in the domains
How to connect the eternal loss
that  good health claims ?

Some hand held close the sweet
scent till it rose till waves were calm
warm was the coat and the palm
till darkness engulfed the misty heat

the clasp unclasped letting go
slowly sinking to the sandy floor
love's hope fell, held no more 
You too say? like all before?

So sank the precious rose 
like a heart of hope but not 
of Faith as deep and vast as
the seas and oceans eternal,pure'

Let me just believe then
that it is fear of the sharp thorn
the sweet scent is but a refrain -
life’s safe lodging is but torn
where once  life itself was born

floating abandoned in dangers deep
Faith  guides to safer havens to keep
 unseen love ever holds the hand
lifts up the tender  petals to higher land

 remember if once love comes your way
have faith accept and hold, make it stay
 patience and peace will reign....
there is always a personal loss
where once there was  a sacred gain

1 comment:

  1. Sad, sad. Though I believe it is better to have loved and lost ...on every level. Sacred--are you sure that you can lose here?

    I miss you at Poets United.