Sunday, August 10, 2014

~ What the Screaming Silence Said ~

I have never felt about life this way
How one stays alive and then goes away
so many passings I have seen 
I wonder now where I have been
or maybe be one day-

distances may vary and feelings deep
one can be alive and sleep-
or one can die and sleep!
These lines are coming as I think of you
maybe we some day, meet

April or  March are the cruelest months
Strangely July was sacred joyous and cruel  
even now in August I feel tears falling
across the oceans far away, sadness
separation eternal says 'the silent calling'

killing blood spilling, kill kill kill'
run run run hide hide' lie hide truth
Waste more the Wasteland -no more 
are the loving ones around, only
screaming silences sound

A war within a war
A war so far a war on a star,
Detonating deafening destructing 
A war on sand a war on land
   War on terror, war by error? 

what the screaming silence said
hills or deserts ground or air
bombs strike rockets blast
nothing is fair just fast -no time
 screaming jets bring screams -beware

who will have power will show it all
forgetting that one day there is a fall
what buildings may be high or tall
towers scrapers spires or a burj
 Great Power takes it with just One Call'

memories left and memories told 
all the rest is dead and cold
futile is the choice to be so bold
all must fade, all grow old
what was new is one day sold

See how the Mighty are Fallen'
Stonehenge Syria Libya Iraq or Rome
All played their part all gone home
'so write a waltz and play a tune 
give joy and happiness before all is ruin'


  1. "A war on sand a war on land
    War on terror, war by error?"

    Those are my favorite lines.
    I like how this poem uses history and tales to show the impermanence of all.

  2. Thank you - Nothing is permanent in this world-life ends circumstances change -time moves ...the lines you have liked are from another poem on war...I wrote many years ago...History -I love to study...