Saturday, September 13, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Melody ~ Come Waltz With Me ~

As I go a wandering 
along the mountain track
I  hear the Pipers 100 or so 

                Go On Go On Play On
                 Any Dream Will Do  

As I go hopping n skipping
on the yellow brick road
I  see colors over the rainbow

                 Go On Go On Shine On
                 Any Dream Will Do  

As I run after the rabbit
and check my watch as I go
I hear Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho'

                 Go On Work On Work On
                 The Dream Will Come True 

Its amazing how I hear you 
across the oceans wide n blue 
I know I walked once with you,

                   Sail On and  On, To Distant Shore
                   Now I am getting to know you

 and now I  sail away beneath the sky
 as stars twinkling keep watch, up high
I know they have not all gone' they spy

                    My boat is nearing the shore I see
                    My Dream I hold My Hope To Be'

Love Devotion Feeling Emotion No Fear
I believe in destiny to return to my self'
Not weak nor wrong but faithful n strong

                       The Light dawns Peace is near 
                        Come for a while before I sleep

                                 Come, I wait,Come' waltz with me

                                                 André Rieu - The Beautiful Blue Danube


  1. How beautiul. The melody makes the trek so much more pleasant and possible in every case. The pace is neither too fast nor too slow. Having faith is the key. And I like the Andre Rieu too!

  2. Thank you -One never tires of the Blue Danube...its a classic..