Monday, September 15, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry #218 ~ My World Is Where I Am ~

My world is where I am,
sorting the real and the scam

amid visions of the recent dreams
haunting the mind in flashes
sounds dull and fierce screams,
time feels still and time fast flies
I try to stop the tears and the cries.
In vain, my world crumbles

As in my dreams I stumble
          As thunder roars across the skies,
‘I have a dream” Ah
And I had dreams, I am a dream,
I dream in pain, as down came the rain

My world , flooded to the brim
Chances of survival , thin and grim
I struggled and gasped for breath

A muddy slushy powerful gush
Of Death, reigned supreme,
A loud shout again a sharp scream
Twists and turns and a sudden hush!

Life was still ,
 warm was the blood,

I woke up
And I understood-The Lord was Merciful !
The Lord is Merciful !
Someone needs me I must stay

And I had time to be better and do more Good.


  1. this is a spontaneous flow so nicely written...

  2. well, i would like to think that this is a poem of hope. :)

  3. We do have to keep our dreams & our hopes. I like the thought that "Someone needs me I must stay." That is a powerful reason to live!

  4. God needs you. Quite a beautiful journey to enlightenment.

  5. God speaks through His People -Thank you Friends dsnake1,Mary, Susan for the encouraging appreciation

  6. very strong emotions, and i love how you end it.. more time to do good.

  7. A great way to express a personal version of "A Christmas Carol." I liked it.

  8. It's dreamy... or I say a fine blending of dream and reality... :-)