Monday, September 8, 2014

In Response to Brenda's Wordle ~ 177 ~ Carry Away Punished Love ~

forgotten rose desperately clung

 suffocating entangled 
in wildly flying locks, winnowing
golden mane of bold Arabian steed;
frightened falsely, punished love, 
drifting in doubtful trust;

life races, emotions meander

 in faith caste and creed
O' for a few penned siglos
rejected precious rose,
to be or not to be,or to 
Fly away' to serene Argos'

full thrust,  full speed
no thoughts of loss, but safety
from cannon balls sabers thorny 
weed, one heart one spot hurts 
what words can kill

what words may win
what words survive
on unfelt untouched dismal
green field, worse than  Chaos
and now on hold on spot on edge
O Dear Rose cling tight   

what plant from the seed
may rise and with delight
untangle unfold reveal
remove the silent darkness
and signal ok' the Light'

Hold on Hope, Call !  O' Joss' 

Wordle Words : rose thrust meander horses ball dismal locks spot plant bullet signal edge

anjum wasim dar Copyright CER 2014


  1. Of Arabian steed it ought to hold on, on its own. Of tough breed surely! Great take Anjum!


  2. A very well written poem, it does keep you holding on until the end.