Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In Response to Dr Susan L Chast's Poem ~ War/ Faith ~ 'A War Within A War ' ~

A war within a war
A war so far a war on a star,
Detonating deafening destructing
A war on sand a war on land

   War on terror, war by error?
   War for the spoils war for the oils ?
   War on the young, war by the young,
   Hopeless, groundless, Timeless war;

A war by the armed, on the unarmed
A War by the strong, on the weak throng
A War by dress  a war of stress
A War of Mess by the Thoughtless;

    War  against flood war against Fire
    War to spend save, a war to an end?
    War against Age, War by Rage;
    A War on a stage a War in a cage

 A War of words a War with swords
 What Man is warring in or warring out
 Laying hiding killing mines,building
 crushing walls bridges, filling ditches lines

                              hear cries of enchained spirits ?
                             bodies writhing  raped, murdered 
                            NO WAR  the call  PEACE ‘the Aim'
                           NO MORE destroying,no false claim; 

 Senseless, pointless, meaningless,
Time to End Deifying WAR;
Time to End Unjust War just for power
A War within a War, a war within a War

                               A war started in the heavens above
                               a war cold unseen a war of Faith
                               Of Obedience surrender or of love
                               Nothing survives, but Good and Death 

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  1. OH. Gosh! Reading this aloud, the marching meter and the flowing sounds make me see the attraction of war--at least as a word--but, as you clarify in your conclusion, there can be no winners, no survivors. Here we also have war on crime, on diseases, on drugs. I am not sure the images are useful.