Sunday, September 14, 2014

In Response to Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ Sunday's Mini-Challenge: September Sky ~ Still the War Goes On ~

Islamabad The Beautiful

In 1965 on the 6th of September Pakistan was attacked by India-That war ended after 17 days. Another kind of war 'Zarb e Azb' (The Cutting  Blow )  is now going on against Terrorism- It is 2014  Still the War Goes On...War and Death in September 2001-  Still the War Goes On...

September Sky dolefully darkens as mystic vapors rise, seems to call O' Underworld receive Persephone  She comes to be with husband Hades.

Changing colors changing breezea whiff of heat  for trembling leaveslast of the blossoms before the Fallevery year,trees cry as greens cease  


The 6th of September came again 

and brought memories of war blasts and fights 

in black outs courage prevailed as fears

 grew everyday a front opened, new-

each day brought a fresh death 

young and tender with a soft 

breath' cooled!a formless form-

when nothing was gained from the destructive

 storm thrown  blown and shown around;

all that was Holy stately and grand 

 in an instant brought to the ground;

Memories remain of

 a love lost

 a shattered dream 

a silent scream 

And the War goes on.... 

And bodies fall  And so do the leaves

 And so do the trees 

And so many tears

And September Calls.....

Who is being fooled......Who is being ruled

Who is hiding and law abiding

Who is lost and who is found;

I wonder who is the victor  And when will be the last round?


  1. September seem to be the month of war.. and it seems like war can never be stopped, can never be won, is never a solution .. still we manage to constantly redo the same mistake...

  2. A very sensitive piece written with an understanding yet to be comprehended.

  3. The war seems go on forever and I wonder who is victor at the end ~ I also like the changing colors of the seasons ~

    Thanks for participating with Real Toads & wishing you happy week ~

  4. "And bodies fall, and so do the leaves".....ouch. Powerful word choices here.

  5. "And bodies fall And so do the leaves And so do the trees And so many tears"…

    no winners …

  6. War, it seems to never cease...this is so full of moving

  7. Thank you Friends for your most kind support and encouragement War is a part of life now, more so...

  8. neither the mass nor the soldiers the war is wrought by the statesmen, rulers of both the countries at war...ironically voters choose them to govern a land...

    1. voters must choose wisely - working towards peace is vital -so true

  9. You know I love this. Seeing the cycles of war, calling it out, September again-- your 9/6 like my 9/11, too close, too often. How the world forgets that Nature and autumn do not claim this. It is pretend for some entity's purpose. Persephone and Hades is a domestic tale, a daughter's archetypal vulnerability, a man's shame, a mother's revenge.

    1. Thank you -
      events occur, wars take place- Nature is Supreme with its colorful peace