Thursday, September 4, 2014

~ That Special Book for The Angel ~

I wish I could be that special book
in which I could place my thoughts
like the scented rose close forever
never to wither or be dry but 
All I am able to do is cry-

I wish I were that special book

I feel my unseen angel reads, unheard… 
we speak  and laugh and share
the  pain and how to make it less
and  again, with a calm serene smile-
I find  no one close for miles

I wish I were that special book

 I find a peace I never felt for quite
a while-I wish I could be the book
and place for the angel rose and 
each day say  a prayer and  return 
the unseen  smile 
I find I am but on a screen, just a page...

I seek  the  angel on the page and
Up in the sky, my faith tells me
I see a light 
I need not cry
I pray…but  tears fall on the book 
Can the unseen ever be in sight?


  1. What a wonderful wish...a world to escape is open to interpretation but universal in a way...very thoughtful

  2. Anjum--A fine poem. Is there some reason you read few of the other poets at Poets United? or, if you read them, why not leave comments?

  3. Thank you Susan -No reason- I will try

  4. the longing is felt in the words...nice lines ....