Friday, October 24, 2014

For Magpie Tales ~ Mag 242 ~ Why I keep forgetting the face?

Why I keep forgetting the face?
I see the vision the presence the grace-

Exhausted in  surgery, half dead
unthinking sleeping mind
surrendering to other hands, eyes
and knives, busy on my clayey
lodgings, removing what lay
inside, a life, to give lives unseen
unknown,obeying the divine
Creator,creating motherhood-

Now I see now it is not there
I see the vision and the grace-

My eyes only saw eyes,
reflecting sympathy concern care
Chosen by The Supreme to help me
live, a little more, someone needs
my share of love, a little more, a duty
for  me is still to be done, and I have
to be with one who stands beside
a smile a gloved hand a voice soft
a heart learning for years, how to cure
now ready for sure, more friends than
real friends ashore,

Once again I see from under the slab
under the leaves, from under the soil-

Mother Dear,your lifeless head I held 
almost in my lap,as 'they washed the body'
then clothed in white the color you liked
we laid you under the heavy stone -
covered with leaves and grass
we placed red flowers on the space,yet
more with Earth, half buried is the place-

Why I keep forgetting the face?
I remember the love comfort and grace-

Mother, its you I see, I feel in her, she
touched cleaned cut and stitched
came again and again and again
when I was stiff n senseless in pain
I felt a hand,and heard a voice
twenty minutes more
a voice…calm, a look angel like…
fear left me, then there was peace, 

I felt a hand on my forehead
Yes, yes, Mother you were there…
All the time, with love and prayer...

And I saw You,in her face...
Oh Doctor,do we have time in life ?
have we really won the race?

Copyright CER anjum wasim dar 2014


  1. Very moving.
    I can totally identify with your poem, Anjum...
    Very well-expressed.