Sunday, November 9, 2014

For IGWRT ~ Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ Sunday's Mini-Challenge: Salvatore Quasimodo ~ 'Cease The Futile Dream'

Unreal World, 
Oblivion immersed
Misty shady magically Gothic,
False beliefs in Lethe sunk,
Why not cease the futile dream-,
Losing Time, spent better else,
it is,  but effort of the Self'
Come away from Fairy Land,
Let us See, where we really stand

Let us See, where we really stand
raise our hands in prayers
bow our heads  for peace before
 The Power Grand!

This is certain, 
Uncertainty is not the Strand! 
Truth is there 
Truth will be The Certain Band!
Come’ Away from Fairy Land !

In the mirror, see
the real world-then let
The Miracle be...
beyond the sky, beneath the sea
emerge in pearly purity
No more  Fairy Land
No more uncertainty

O' Astraea, Return ! in word
 and deed, knowledge and justice  
never before in this
warring world forlorn
was felt for you, a greater need'

Come Be the Ambassador
Bring the Utopian Grand
No More Fairy Land, but 
Peace with all Virtue and certainty ' 

Ref Poem Mirror
(Ed ecco sul tronco)

                                                    CER Copyright 2014  anjum wasim dar


  1. The repetition works really well in your poem. I had to look up "Astraea" and now I understand your poem all the better!

  2. Thank you -I try to bring in new words as well as the Classic references.I admire Mythology.Poetry has a function to 'teach' and increase knowledge as well as Guide'