Thursday, November 13, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Swimming ~ 'No Ropes On The Skies ' ~

I seek, learn, I find, I wish to reach
fears do not restrict nor the physique

 Mortal being, dust in water, making
way,on a divine path, growing moving

against winnowing wind, stable, on
stretched out expanse,yet folded 

in curves.particles myriads, sand,
like waves, low and high in dunes

rising settling  flying dispersing
clouding rolling covering grease

golden blackish floodwater beneath
 moving in circles in oceans, seas

or in circles same, like a star encircling
or like fish in water organized, gliding 

winged, small light colored or black
flapping in self. gliding forth and back 

a movement divine, see
 the Glory the Power The Sign 

the rising of the sun and the decline
swimming in a limit, within a time

divided unseen there, here by a rope in line
no ropes on the skies no rift or drift

suspended in glory each in its own shift 
'All in an orbit are swimming'

'all in an orbit are swimming'
Reference from : Surah Al Anbiyal ( The Prophets) 21:33
And it is He who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon; 
all [heavenly bodies] in an orbit are swimming.


  1. I'm not clear where the posting of your poem ends--at the firstt line? the second? Is the third the source of the line quoted in the second poem? Or is the entire thing a translation? So I will respond up through the second as if it's all one poem. It feels like an active rushing, swirling miracle--no supports needed as it moes, and us finite beings with it. All the verbals give the sense of never ceasing, an infinitity, ordered, as if all one.

  2. I have edited the poem. The universe is a swirling swimming swimming by humans is also a miracle.The prompt is an amazing one Thank you Dr and POETS UNITED
    .My Urdu poem with translation was relevant to the topic but perhaps not suited here.

  3. love the spiritual tone of the poem...

  4. Ah what a way to see the water and being in it.

  5. The great god's creation are marvellous and we all are swimming along.

  6. Anjum,

    Loved this poem. So much movement and imagery to add to the whole scene set with your words...


  7. No rift or drift or rope or raft.