Sunday, November 2, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry 225 ~ Once Again I see All In Nothingness

Once again a cold mist surrounds
Grey dull  darkness makes the light
Thin bare branches stretch out tight
bracing the long wintery wait with
the trunk stuck deep aground;
Once again I see All , the same
Life is a game
Of time Of love  Of words Of rhyme;
Once again I see
rainbow  twinkles  in those dark eyes
Once again I see Him  The Supreme 
with the fleeting glance 
He made  All  in His own  image
I see Him when I see  All  and I wonder-
How close is He, in a smile in the eyes-
No one knows how time flies

 Once again I know He sends love
 From the Heavens above
The spirits are one  with words
Formed in flowing thoughtful poetry-
Once again there is emptiness but
I see All in this Nothingness
Once again a cold mist surrounds
Once again I see All , the same
                                                                                              Copyright CER 2014 anjum wasim dar


  1. ah that we could learn to live and be as the creator
    and not be all about ourselves...

    1. Thank you for visiting Mr Brian-we do try in our own ways -May the Lord Bless All amen

  2. This is beautifully expressed. Yes, he is in everything. He is very near. All we have to do is accept his love!

  3. Thank You Friends Mary and Dr Susan. Your encouragement means so much to me and keeps me motivated and inspired

  4. I do agree with the thought that life is a game...nice lines :)

  5. Lovely thoughts and reflections on life and all that is.....

  6. God's eternal love we feel everywhere:)

  7. This is so peaceful..:-) Yes, He is omnipresent and omniscient :-)

  8. I like the idea of everything being in nothingness. Well written.