Friday, November 14, 2014

For Victoria C Slotto ~ dVerse Meeting the Bar ~Word Artists, Grab a Brush and Write!– ~ Treasure Hunt In The Sea ~

Oh so brazen audacious Gold,
floating in glorious celestial spheres
now visible now disappeared
Is it poetic art of the mystic sonneteer
or the work of the mischievous Kobold?

What pirates of the Carribean
 may eye it to loot daring to
 slash the seven headed 
sea serpent brute ?

Pieces of Eight -Pieces of Eight!
Long John Silver may say-
as you glitter blend and  sway 
 unfold from thunder ebonic to 
flaming flying flashing furious forms
from deep stokehold darkness to fiery storms

Lo behold, marigold in the open seas
moving, trailing the Master Wardens
No one knows how many miles you travel
carrying the  lightest load, you unravel
mysteries of life, reflect the Supreme Power

remain unsold precious and cool
no one can steal nor collect in a pool
endless vapours hot flares creating energy
Giving  all in  unlimited un measureable shower'


  1. That golden light is more precious than any mined metal. Your poem is beautiful and comforting.

  2. The various hues that make life beautiful!

  3. Wow! I love the painting--is it yours? And the gold, the marigold, the mythic reference (new to me)--just an exquisite energy filled hunt for sea treasure!

  4. Thank you Vivinfrance Vandana and Dr Susan - Yes, I have been using Digital Paint Software ARTRage 2.0 and MyPaint for quite some time.This drawing is in MyPaint -The Mythical ref Kobold is from German Mythology...

  5. Lots of energy and movement in this poem, and the painting is glorious, nearly leaping off the canvas!!

  6. Love how you used the sonnet form to metaphorically tell us of your art...mystical yet downright believable! Marigold is wonderful here.

  7. I think the poetry and your art enter a perfect symbiosis..

  8. Great metaphor. There is some serious alliteration in this that seems to work well for the subject. Fun to read aloud.

  9. You are incredibly talented. Your poem and your artwork are fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Thank you Bjorn Rudberg,live2write2day,peachblossommoth, bwfiction I am greatly encouraged. It is All Allah's Blessing