Monday, December 15, 2014

For POETRY JAM ~ Quiet ' ' There Is A Quiet There ~

seeking the quietude roaming worldwide
up on the Roof of the World who 
can be but the most daring-
there is a 'quiet there'

on a green square turf playing
in white with a white smashing
matching skills over net
in crowd there is a 'quiet there

nature's growth of seed and grass
nothing moves, no wave no pass
Divinity Supreme resides in valley
there is a 'holy quiet there'


  1. You have written of the most profound kind of quiet -- that holy quiet which we are fortunate if we find! Glad to see you at Poetry Jam, Anjum.

  2. The quiet of those green places growing is indeed a special kind of silence. Thanks for posting this and responding to my prompt.

  3. Thank you Mary Thank you Peggy...Thank you for the opportunity to write