Monday, December 22, 2014

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry #232 ~ This Year

Christmas Time, Christmas Time and prayers, 
Prayers for peace, a peaceful refuge, 
Welcome Light, with lights on trees,
Green and white, in coloured deluge;
Décor delight diversity diverted;
All hope one, all call one, All pray one;
Life to begin, or life , to cease?
Christmas Time, Healing Time and tremors,
Tremors of blasts, killing blasts, 
Farewell Love, with flags on caskets
Red and Blue, in deathly solitude,
Sacred silence spirit severed;
All around flowers, all fresh now
All withered now, none in baskets;
Christmas Time Christmas Time and Salvation
Salvation, for every nation?
Salvation Eternal, end of turmoil in blood and sand,
Crimson and cream,
 a moaning scream, a shattered dream?
One for one, each kills one, 
one by one, till none is none.
Christmas Time, Christmas Time and Love;
Love for All, a Tolerant Love,
With Gifts garlands and Gatherings,
Silver and Gold, Young and Old, 
the Brave and the Bold,
Weak and Strong, the Fighters for Freedom
 for the World;
All with Love, All at Home,
None at WAR, Glad Tidings for All.
Amen .Amen .Amen.


  1. This poem reads like a heartfelt wish! We definitely have prayers for peace at this time of year...despite all that exists in this very vulnerable world.

  2. Festive times for most of those celebrating. Sadly some are not able to some reasons. Very apt write Anjum!


  3. A very timely wish for all that we see happening in the world around us!

  4. May the dark and Light of the first images continue to give way to teh positive--peace and love to find each of us at home, in teh neighborhood, in the naton and in the world.

    1. Thank you Dr Susan wish you Peace Health and a very Happy New Year