Tuesday, December 16, 2014

~ Wake Up Human, Wake Up Child ~

Wake Up Faith Wake Up, Its time for prayer
Oh let me sleep a little more
I'm exhausted and a little sore 
I played till late 
to get a high score

Wake Up Life Wake Up you have a purpose
work and serve work and pray
honest n faithful you must stay
O let me enjoy
Do not annoy'

Wake Up Rich Wake Up Its time to pay
Spend Spend for The Giver
riches will become a river
O why why should I?
I have much, yet to buy..

Wake Up  Books Wake Up Its time to study
Read read read all the best
read n write,never let it rest
This is the Good 
This is The best

Wake Up Human Wake Up Its time to go
you have been lazy n slow
 enemy is winning on the go
killing is not the way
give love, tolerance show  

Wake Up Child Wake Up Its time for school
Wake Up Wake Up,  rise and shine
But what  a waste and wild
Child killed for a killed child
Nothing is mine, Nothing thine

Wake Up,  Repent.......Wake Up.....Peace
Sleep Hatred Sleep........


  1. Much prayer for children everywhere--tears for those at the military school in Pakistan. I pray with you in every verse but especially the last two. Beautiful poem.

  2. Such a terrible thing to do, killing of innocent children ~ A moving post ~

  3. Thank you Dr Susan and friend Grace...