Saturday, January 17, 2015

For IGWRT ~ Imaginary Garden With Real Toads ~ Fireblossom Friday: Winter ~ Seeking Peace ~

 Immune to all seasons
mobility gifted, this is the
place of grace
I look for

seeking solace in strife
silence serene this is the
 the snowy ice
I long for

no footsteps visible
none passed this way
not for long
can I stay

Winter has elegance
peaceful purity, this is the
right cool way
you must go

tread softly in step
frozen guile,this is the
border you cross
to Heaven, be  

in moments measured
steadfast trees, this is the
beacon you need
be like one

and now I leave,
secure bridge, this is the
link to connect
love spirit and me


  1. Thanks for giving us your take on the photograph!

  2. The untouched snow can seem so pure.. nice to hear you.

  3. "seeking solace in strife" that is a great observation. This looks so beautiful but we all know how deadly it can be.