Tuesday, January 20, 2015

For IGWRT ~ Sunday Mini-Challenge ~ In Other Words ~ ' The City of Colored Pencils '

The city of colored pencils
unique, subdued than one of
skyscrapers where no lead falls

The city of sleek thin forms
rolling balancing doodling
norms,with rubber base erasers

laid tight in rectangular boxes
traveling in schoolbag pockets
prized possessions for learners

scribbling scratching sharpening
points raising alarms with
 shading  cross hatching  scumbling

peaceful drawing sketching 
till 'cutter sharpeners' appeared
sharpened blade twisters, feared

all hopes lay in Pencileeze Hall
Dame Red,Orange Mustard 
Blackolor,Grassy  and Cardinal

Learning and Education solved
the Case, signing Peace with Grace
'Cut No pencil,til out of place'

and so the City of confused slate
was lit with wooden forest fate
  to write 'truth'n remove 'hate' 

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