Saturday, January 24, 2015

For POETRY JAM ~ January 20 2015 ~ Writing ~ As a writer, if I Be ~

One that I wish to be
One, I wanted to be called
But I was constantly stalled
What is there in this for you?
It’s not something that is true
What a waste of time sitting
And just drawing lines

But who knows the secret of it all
A writer to be is not The Great Fall;

The writer is Supreme
On any Theme
A writer is Eternal
A writer is the cream
Of thoughts ideas and views
Of visions stories and news
Of emotions happy or sad
Of feelings loving or mad
Of happiness love tragedy or drama
A writer is even The Great Dalai Lama!

So I can be, a user of the pen
And take a pseudo name among men
But now it’s not sitting and staring
At the pc, so mum and dumb,
Your thoughts must touch
The keyboard, and reach as such
The page that is blank

Must reflect the thoughts in ranks
This must continue for hours and hours
And words must form the patterns
And forms, for readers who yearn
To learn and feel good,
They know they are, understood
So to be the writer one must write
And sit from morning till late at night.

And so the Writer with the Pen
Must be Right and be a Guide
Be the History Maker of the Light
Lead the Field in the stride
Non violent Peaceful and Tolerant
Not with any race or creed but
Democracy and Plebiscite
So if you wish to be The One
Then Be the Best and
Second to None
Or leave the pen and the scene
And just read the lines, in between.


  1. Yes, a writer! And I love the whimsical pictures you have with it!

  2. Yes a writer must indeed write! We can always know we are writers as long as we write! Thanks for posting.

  3. i like the role of the writer as history indeed they capture history and tell it...from their perspective...and perhaps words could have the power to change our future history....we can hope...

    visiting from poetry jam

  4. A writer can have so many roles. You have expressed it very well.

  5. Your poem has expressed so many aspects to writing. And the clip arts supporting your stanzas are really nice.

  6. Thank You Peggy Brian Gabriella and Salvwi

  7. I like your poem and how important writing is.Art and writing is the way that we as humans remember the civilizations past. Writing connects all together from the cave stone walls to todays computers.

  8. "to be the writer, one must write". So true. I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

  9. The powers of a writer so well derived :-)

  10. The power of a pen, a writer speaks with it, and leaves his/her voice in ink for all who find their way to reading it.