Wednesday, January 21, 2015

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Fashion ~ Fashions in Language ~

To be or not to be
'a fashioned' in style and stand
to be grand or be appreciated by all in the land;
but who am I who will tell or know....
till I join the band or should I?
that is the will the country know that
there are more people talented than meets the eye
there is another story to tell than the 'Love’s One'
there are some who serve and are thrown out
Hey, `You just leave`...what politeness what care
..but He is The Boss! So He can say;
But let not the Laws unjust unfair put you down
Move on!  The Earth is all green blue and a bit brown;
And there are fashions all around…I would say
Fashions in Gab
Fashions in Nab
Fashions in Dab
But most of All the Fashion in Language left me stabbed;
I am now from Madam Anjum Dar to M A D.

(abbreviations of my name plus the title - Madam Anjum Dar-on one of my student’s ELT assignment)


  1. Hahaha! OK, this is actually serious. This is MAD laughter. Those in power have set the fashion over and over, time without end. Brilliantly rendered. Thank you.

  2. This made me grin. Fashions in Gab, Nab and Dab. LOL. This is really a wonderful take on fashion. LOVE your last line!!!!!!

  3. my reading ended with a smile; nice on

    much love..

  4. It was a wonderful and fun read for me thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh so clever are you M A D one!

  6. There are many different kinds of fashion - that is one thing for sure.

  7. haha. absolutely on point. fashion terms can make one mad.

  8. Thank you All Dear Friends I am so happy that you enjoyed the function of writing is to entertain...and I enjoyed writing it...Thank you Dr Susan for the inspiring prompt and response.

  9. A delightful, playful piece! Fun to read!

  10. This made me smile ~ Thanks Anjum, ~