Friday, January 16, 2015

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Birthdays ~ My Birthday Came..That Year...

My birthday came and went by
Silently across the Aegean Sea
Hellenism serene seemed the sky
And I thought  am I really sixty?

                                                        O'    Great Queen of Great Britain
I look up to you- I am no Royalty
But Grace , and so amazing
I am alone , yet I have the ocean
beauty, the starlit sky
I don't need to cry
My birthday came and went
No cards, no Hello, no Bye Bye.

My birthday came and I held my mug
of tea and sat on the terrace alone
and quietly; I sipped slowly and thought-
I am well, have a job and daylong company
so what if no one is now with me-
I looked up at the darkening sky and saw

a group of birds flying home towards the South
These birds know how to stay together
they do not  fight  and do not bother  
All day they may stay far and away
but evening sees them all  collect to gather

My birthday came and went and I felt happy
at seeing the black birds flight to the end  
and I remembered the Nightingale, who sang
and I sang lightly too-somewhere I heard the tune
Happy Birthday To You-I was not alone
My birthday came and went-
Heaven its Greetings had sent.


  1. How Sad! How absolutely beautiful! Not a tragic story like that of Philomela of Greek myth--nor a story of revenge--but one that shares the voice of aloneness in song, finding the beauty in it and the ones that pass by. Happy Birthday. At age 60, it gets happier, actually, as time comes to see the grace in self.

  2. Now that is a wonderful serenade.
    On a recent birthday I called my son and as I was hanging up I said "arent you going to say Happy Birthday?" "No its not your birthday today."
    so easy to forget ...I have to chuckle

  3. Thank You Dr Susan Thank You Friend Moonie...