Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bomb Blasts .15 ..And then there is....

Bomb blasts sudden screams
and then there is blood
shattered dreams
screams and more screams
sirens blare, vans scare 
guards stare , police ...where?

And then there is a report
and a media camera port
a shot a witness some words

And then there is the 'condemnation'
the sympathetic leaders of the nation
some cash announcement compensation

and then there is a conference
and more of a committee
find out the facts what happened

And then there is ....nothing
victims crying moaning
Death reigning rampaging

And then there is a demand
increase security put up walls
get barbed wires stay in halls

and then there is silence...
Catch and Punish the Criminal
Root out  Cause Make Effective Law 

And then there is silence....

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