Saturday, March 7, 2015

For Brenda's Wordle ~ 201 ~ Inside A Circle ~

Inside a circle, which
man says he invented 
whereas later it was found
that the whole world was round

and all life evolved revolved 
moved with weightless weight
even if you walked straight
you would reach the same gate

no names highlighted 
no ghosts sighted
emptiness bred fear and sounds of
wildly roaming flesh and blood
just howls and howls in flood
no dark veins no sharp teeth
all are same in skin beneath
through out in up or
down under or above 
 the circle is complete

lay the table dear my friends
will be here soon before noon
passing for The Ring on to
The Lord The Wizard of Oz
 Master Pencil The Great Thoth
who invented writing and magic
set the table for the great Wordle

I can hear the scratching drawing
on the granite outside and the wheee'
of the ancient whistle the rustle of 
the quick epistle for Dame or Thisbee
antiquity or modernity -connected
we are with letters and words
using hands and fingers on the
now on electricity facility

All inside -The Circle


  1. What intricate rhyming!
    I am fond of the great Thoth, so it was very nice to encounter him here. :)

    1. Thank you Rosemary Your visit and kind words are a great honor for me

    2. Great Thoth features in my Adventure novel (Part I ) Adventures of the Multi Colored Lead People..can be read free on