Wednesday, March 11, 2015

For CREATIVE PEN Proboard ~ Spring Poetry Competition ~ Tender Touches of Spring ~

slight shivering still persists
feet feel cold and numb
lethargy engulfs spirit n soul
mind remains fuzzily dumb

hazy hiding behind clouds
sun seems to be in doubt
wait' don't shine out and out
buds dream wonder about

is it time? for whites to go?
is it warm for green to show?
oh the snow hail n snow
is not willing yet, to 'let go'

few days ago birds did twitter
early morn chat tweet n twitter
Winter furious' slashed again
glared flashed n sent down rain

Nature sets a time for all
nothing comes before the Call
Nothing rises before a Fall,'tis
better to bow, than stand up tall;

Nature has variety Nature is kind
Summer or Winter, Oh I hear
the Koel sing ...Come Hear' feel...
Can Spring be far behind?

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