Thursday, April 9, 2015

For Theme Thursday ~ For April 9, 2015 - TENDER ~ 'Misty Warmth ~


   Soft and tender misty fog
   Envelops my being, as an 
   Unseen presence stirs memories
   Of moments in quietude-
   Heaviness clouds me into
   A log, as I place 
   My hand only to find 
   Ethereal space;

   It is a trace
   In mind and heart,
   A vision in awakened sleep
   Constantly condensing peace
   In tears of grief
   That slide down the cheek;

   The hours spent to seek 
   the solace
   Of the tender misty fog,
   That brought inner peace
   And relieved the stress;

   But does true love ever 
   fall from Grace?
   Leaving one in a blind
   Race; Life may cease,
   But will trust return to
   Unlace the gasping fog-

   And with the tender touch
   And misty warmth, embrace...
   And with sunshine, the distance, replace?


  1. Tender misty fog ...gasping fog ... memory can be both at once or fluctuate between the two. The question of whether or not sun could ease the distance? No one can tell before its time. Sweet sad poem!

  2. Such peace and serenity you create with this wonderful poem;)