Saturday, May 23, 2015

For Gooseberry Goes Poetic & JP at Olive Garden ~ A Scattered Thought On World Peace ~ I Dream of A Place ~

I dream of a Place of Peace
But dreams are in vain
Time and again there is pain;
I was brought to a Promised Land
Created with killing, insane;
Where remnants of blood
Traces of flood,
Sensations of fear remain;
I dream of a place secure
Clean colorful and pure
But I am not sure
As I see
 the flying roof of a bus
As I hear
 the terrifying sound of a blast
OH how long is it going to last?
As I fear
One moment in time
May be so fast , before we know
And thus we where, no more;
I dream of a moment of hope,
Of a land where I may be
And I may for eternity, stay;
Truer than any dream and I
With good grace and gratitude 
Be happy for ever and pray.


  1. I LOVE THIS! In all its hope and doubt it is an open plea to God and Mankind. Thank you.

  2. The world today is becoming harder to live day by day but i guess hope is still there and as you mentioned with prayers there can be relief.

  3. sounds like a place in heaven to me

  4. Very beautifully written.