Thursday, June 11, 2015

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Time ~ Changes Tell Us The Time ~

Changes Tell Us the Time
 years that passed,
 months that were happy and decent,
 days we believe were recent
moments sad and terrifying;

Changes Tell Us the Time –

So much is lost- which I called mine;
 laughter, giggles and  shrieks-
 silent heads down and 'stand in line',
 innocent pensive silences,
 standing and talking against fences,

Changes Tell Us the Time,

In moments captured in pictures,
outlook fronts and fixtures
black and white color mixtures,

Changes Tell Us the Time

Ah, Changes tell us the innocent
unknowing mistakes we made
How much a symbol inspired
caused pain in the shade?

Changes Tell Us- Its Time,

Age, Beauty that must fade

O' Innocent One, 
 for I fear inside
For my errors and sins,
 I am paying and  have paid.

Changes Tell Us....


  1. So true, if by no other way we can tell that time has passed by the changes that take will indeed fade with time, or maybe we should express it differently...that there is a different kind of beauty in later life? We all do pay for our errors one way or another, I think. Hopefully the price is not too high. Changes do indeed tell us the time.

    1. Thank you Mary Indeed beauty is not only facial, it is by character good deeds and much more.

  2. Clever use of that refrain..really gives the sense of moments lost and over all too quickly..

  3. The deviation from "Changes Tell Us the Time" to "Changes Tell Us- Its Time," has a great impact revealing what Time is about...instances expressed in rhyme give the poem a smooth reading....a lovely write :)

  4. Loved the refrain :D Changes in a person's life truly depicts the passage of time and the course which it has taken..!

    Beautifully executed..!

    1. Thank you Sanaa Time has its own tune and song and its course..waits for no one

  5. It really makes you treasure the precious moment and hold to the hope of better.

  6. True! Changes tell us the time. One of the best poems that I read on the theme of time. Wise, profound and beautiful :)

  7. Have recently been looking through old photographs, so feel the message of these lines acutely...

  8. I feel that, too, that I have paid and am paying........hope my account gets evened up soon, LOL. Good one, Anjum.

  9. Thanks a lot Sherry and Claire and Purba...I am honored

  10. Yes...karma is alive and is the way of things

  11. Oh--I don't see my comment here! I probably forgot to publish it or it is lost in the world of spam. This is a wonderful insightful poem. I like the rhythm of stanza and refrain--changing refrain--as it feels like time passing and letting go, so form + content. At lest we retain the memories. But, do we truly know when "it's time"? The poem end abruptly--and when we do we may know ... we might. I am most intrigued by:
    "How much a symbol inspired
    caused pain in the shade?"
    This phrase makes me think of nations' flags and religions' symbols too. And in our shadows--which we must embrace--there is much unexpressed. This is now my favorite of your poems.

  12. Thank you Respected Dr Susan I am glad to know that it is a honor for me.