Sunday, June 21, 2015

For POETS UNITED ~ Poetry Pantry #257 ~From Fire to Blood ~ O' Peace Fly Back ~

Peace is not in the flying bird
as it is disturbed itself,seeking cool branches to perch
as April showers sprinkle, disappear before touching
the parched Earth,leaves,pets petals, and humans-

sprouting tiny greens,bare branches receive the far apart drizzle
did snow suddenly surprise us or the red heat? someone stepped
on peace, stealth and guile sheathed, went on in half daylight
so we should have known,Emperors of Ice Creams

Not long when I was a child,crossed barbed wires,across borders
in camp for two nights, wonder how Mother felt and held us? Tight
then on we came to the green hills, and I knew not,was it refuge ?
or a new land a home of peace-how attained?what was left with enemy-

where are the roots that make a family,out of the masses who survived
you cannot guess,for I have seen only images and heard broken voices
who lost half the thought in trying not to remember,bodies cut slain in fields
why we laughed sang,then we cried silently in pain, in the remains

And the stories continued,told and retold as lands were sold,rivers ran dry
who will care? Who cares? walking shadows drifting falling,dark hordes
seeking failing -and we were so innocent playing games,jumping ropes
reading white and blue and all colors fresh-so we should have known

slavery is not dead,which song is stilled which bird is killed,the eagle
perched how high it flies,its destination the skies-only the discerning eye
can see,only the desiring heart can feel,'of mans first disobedience' we
should know we should have known,so come under the shade,pray and be safe


  1. This poem really makes me think - about the plight of refugees, who begin life over so bravely, while remembering the suffering of those left behind. This is a topic I think and read about often, Anjum. I really love the momentum of your last stanza, which gives hope and offers a direction up above this human conundrum humankind has created.

    1. Yes Sherry all over the world somehow people are being displaced.A strange restlessness prevails.Thank you for your encouraging views.We need to keep thinking

  2. This is something that should be remembered in many places in the world where we have more refuges than we ever had since WWII.. what happens really to humanity when more and more are refuges?..

  3. I agree with Sherry and Bjorn...your powerful words make us remember that which must never be forgotten...the plight of many who were from war torn areas, refugees, slaves, suffering. Like your last words I still hope we will remember and change.


  4. Very powerful writing...and very timely!

  5. The common people everywhere are at the mercy of politicians...I don't think there's any enmity existing between man and man of neighboring countries of the world...the poem has a strong voice and is thought provoking....nicely done Anjum :)

  6. There is no better poem than the one written directly from the poet's heart. I know this is one of those. Thank you Anjum for your sincerity, for sharing the truth of a war victim's experience. I am humbled by your powerful writing.

    1. Thank you Myrna...the truth comes from the heart and transforms into words. Allahs Blessings

  7. The last couple of stanzas really pull at you.