Thursday, September 10, 2015

~ Awakened Are We To The Desires Forbidden ~

What bravery whither courage 

what defiance Trojan like, 

nor wisdom of Odysseus, 

to bear  an ordeal, an odyssey,

 to attain pardon-

Asleep are we on the fires unlit, 

fires which we should kindle; 

True faith made seven sleepers sleep

For years for a purpose, ours is now

A   purposeless sleep, existence sunk-

Asleep we are as Lagan’ buried,

 in oblivion drunk, cold to The Call

warm to the Dark Chieftain, 

singing swinging in fatal pleasure,

 fiery and crimson,

 unaware of the deadly apian;

Awakened  we are or in Lethe dipped

 will our souls  repair, our spirit slipped

our bodies clipped, be the pure sound 

or be forever like Promethean bound?

Awakened are we to desires forbidden….

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