Wednesday, September 30, 2015

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Recovery/Healing ~ Mother, I Saw You' ~

Exhausted,after surgery, half dead unthinking sleepy
 fuzzy mind, surrendering to other hands, eyes  and knives, busy on my clayey  lodgings, removing what lay inside, a life, to give lives unseen unknown, 
obeying the Divine Creator, creating motherhood-

My eyes only saw eyes,reflecting sympathy concern, care,Chosen by The Supreme to help me live, a little more, someone needs my share of love, a little more,

 a duty for me is still to be done, and I have to be 
with one who stands beside-

a smile, a gloved hand, a voice soft, a heart learning for years, how to cure, now ready for sure, more friends than real friends ashore-

Why I keep forgetting the face?

I see the vision, the presence, the grace;
Mother, its you I see, I feel in her, she touched, 

cleaned, cut and stitched, 
came again and again and again,
when I was stiff and senseless in pain-

I felt a hand,and heard a voice, 'twenty minutes more it said,a voice…calm, a look angel like…
fear left me, then there was peace,

 I felt a hand on my forehead-

Mother is it you?  with me here...
She smiled,  peaceful oblivion engulfed-
Yes, Mother was there…
All the time, with love and prayer.


  1. So moving! You draw me into the experience even though I have never given birth. The phrases pulse with labored breathing, the images and direct address show how narrow is the border between presence and absence when it comes to life and death and recovery. Wow!

  2. Such a beautifully touching piece!!

  3. I love this. I believe she was there, her hand on your brow, giving you comfort. Love the sense of peace that came over you.

  4. The memories of my own mother at times I was ill are among my best. She instinctively knew the things that were healing. And I feel there are times since her death when she has been around in comfort when needed. What a wonderful gift is a loving mother!

    1. Indeed it is the best gift of life.Thank you Rosemary

  5. What a lovely encounter! We never outgrow our need for our mother..

  6. Of course they are with and inside you always.

  7. "fear left me, then there was peace, / I felt a hand on my forehead-"...ah...the loving healing touch...

  8. Dear Dear Friends Thank you Thank you for your loving kind and comforting expressions.May our world be full of love regard and peace always where ever we may be amen

  9. A familiar hand and voice can make everything OK.