Thursday, October 8, 2015

For ~ Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Teacher, One Who Teaches ~ If I Am A Teacher '

File:Alabama quarter, reverse side, 2003.jpg

If I am a Teacher
One who teaches-
My walk and talk should show
My vision of where to go
In the future-
My work should prove
My mission to improve
The learners
The beginners
The misled

I believe that our spirits
are not yet dead;

Just at moments odd I feel
Have I failed
The Message
To reveal?

The mist still floats 
At times with the breeze
Descends amidst the trees
Is it here to stay
Or is it to warn us
Of The Way?


  1. "I believe that our spirits
    are not yet dead"

    Me, too. But sometimes it must be excavated. Beautiful part of teaching--teaching people, not subjects.

    1. Thank you Dr Susan A great prompt on which so much can be and should be written.

  2. Such a beautifully inspiring poem..!