Thursday, October 1, 2015

FOR ~ SEPIA SATURDAY 284 ~ 20TH JUNE 2015 ~ Type Writer Fascination and Unforgettable Surprise Gifts ~

I finally found this photograph and so here is my contribution for SEPIA SATURDAY

 I was told that 'articles had to be typed' (in the 1970s) to be valid for submission to local newspapers and magazines so I started looking for a type writer ...computers were hidden somewhere in fog and mist, then I also discovered that the price  was much more than my small budget,still my love of writing kept up my morale.Long Live The Love of father knowing my hearts desire gave me the most wonderful unforgettable surprise of my life ,when he asked me to come over..'I have something for you' and that was never ending till the last day of his life.He always had a pocketful of the most lovable gifts something we had just mentioned ...and so it was this..a beautiful Olympia typewriter with a sleek black elegant cover. 
    My articles were accepted from then on....Thank you Father for setting and supporting me on the writing journey...It was all because of your love
    In the photograph my grandchildren are enjoying the writing instrument,excited by the sounds the ticking and the tapping and the thrill of moving the page set...a useful past time when electricity is off for long hours...going back in time but these inventions are precious.

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