Friday, October 23, 2015

Peace Series ~ Seeking Peace ~~ Peace With Father ~

I still recall the moments

when I sat up in bed,I was crying

for how long? I do not know,no one came

for quite some time, perhaps because it was

in the late hours of  night-

I was hardly four or five

playing more and eating less-

I was crying for food

I guess…

and then he was by my side-

Father sat patted and said
,’what’s the matter dear?

is it something that you fear?

Its not the cold nor heat nor pain,

its hunger you need something to eat…

And so I still feel the taste so sweet

delicious to the root,full juicy was the

tinned mixed fruit…

Father opened the can right there

made me eat with love and care

what else so ready could he get,as

I felt hungry in the middle of the night…

No sooner had I eaten

when all tears were forgotten

I was overtaken by peace

and fell off into a very deep sleep.

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