Monday, October 5, 2015

Series ~ Seeking Peace ~ Peace Is Not In A Crystal Jar ~

It may shine sparkle and tinkle

make you smile with each look

how much did it cost how much

did you pay, just to smile and say

to the silent ‘unravished glass’-what

makes you shine? what myriads of

dust particles you hold as treasure?

what skillful hands gave you your shape

and made you so grand?

But fear engulfs me when I touch you

how smooth and firm and yet so fragile

you are- a  careless slip and transformed

you are, in  a thousand pieces,scattered

the eyes make crystals as they too join them

O Thou reflector of transparency,mirroring

life, seeing through the thin veil…unlike the flesh

feeling less, what beauty lies within the cold glass

None’ but vacant emptiness…momentary pleasure

one glance chance …what scars of life you show

No color ,,,for colors bring joy and joy brings peace

Look away, it is not here, I will break soon and not

shine, stay away for in my cuts and beauty lies

deathlike blood…

Pray do not love me nor place me high

but look at the stars that shine in the sky

There is truth up there….where there is truth

seek true peace…there..

Peace is not in a crystal jar….

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