Friday, October 2, 2015

Series ~ Seeking Peace ~Walking On Land I Felt ~

Walking on land I felt the need to hold

onto some bar to tip toe across the discolored

spread flowing from afar, not a stream but just a flow

Walking on land I felt the need to place

a piece of cloth against my nose,to block the pungent smell

rising from the flow, one cannot tell from where else…

Walking on land I felt the need to look down lest

I bumped my foot and fell like a clown

and spoil my washed dress and safely kept shoes

but walking on this land I knew who made it so

full of mud and stones and filth, perhaps it was the same

bag I had thrown or handed over to the dustboy ‘kooray wala’

or many people drink the same tea brand as I,eat the same

biscuits and bread-who can say who spread the onion and

potato peels…

then one day I walked on another land among the trees

on a hillside where pine trees stood tall,so graceful and green

and clean,the pine needles were all over the place, serene

and neat and smelling pleasantly sweet…

and as I walked I felt the quiet and the peace…

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