Sunday, November 15, 2015

For Poetry Pantry # 278 ~ POETS UNITED ~ Islamabad' Sends Peace To All ~

Be it Paris NY  Beirut Peshawar or Islamabad
or any other town village or city in the world

when people can walk talk eat or drive with ease 
beauty rests stays prevails, but only with peace

Just like I see you green, manifesting majesty
at the foot of Margalla Hills, so others see, that

are home to them,  nations of the world who
live, breathe, and fly freedom flags unfurled

let all be within their own beloved  land
green colorful peaceful and grand

Oh My City Dear, send full peace everywhere
we all live on one Earth, planet created
for us all, let us not be oblivious nor close 
our eyes, time flies, life dies, 
save All,
forgive All
Truth will triumph not Lies
Come peace peace peace for All

Spread strong covers 
let Light shine bright, tranquility descend
remove all dislike, drench all anger 
drown all hate,
Let Goodwill stand tall.



  1. Such a heartfelt tribute. Well written :)

  2. I really feel the rightness in this... peace is a natural state, hate should never allow the war to wake.

  3. Strong peaceful heartfelt words...the last stanza so necessary, like a prayer said daily.... well written.


  4. This is my very favourite of your poems, Anjum. It is truly most peoples' heartfelt wish. Too bad those who are bombing dont seem to realize peace will never be won with bombs. Sigh. Thank you for this very important poem.

  5. This is beautiful. Indeed, 'come peace peace peace for all.' And may hate be drowned and goodwill survive. I agree with Sherry, Anjum. This is a wonderful poem!

  6. Such a beautiful message. Very well written :)

  7. your poem: a plea and a prayer, very beautiful vibes. have a blessed Sunday Anjum

    much love...

  8. 'planet created
    for us all' so true and simple. Thank you.

  9. Well said... we need an equal world so peace can spread without barriers - to every corner.

  10. Thank you Thank you Dear Friends -May Peace descend on all may our lives be filled with calmness serenity and love amen

  11. The image and the poem suggest to me that we are all on a journey through our lives...similarities interject and many good things can be found and shared on that road...but for a few who try to add trouble to life's path...wonderfully penned

  12. yes on the road of life we meet adversities,blocks and bandits, there were pirates life is a test' but 'killing is cruel' and of innocent people..Thank you for your visit and kind words Jae

  13. How I hope all of us have the same wish. Peace, why are you so difficult to achieve. Powerful write