Saturday, November 14, 2015

Peace Now ~ Make A Vow ~ Remember ?

Melodies begin music flows the heart warms as love grows
smiles beam on all  faces as people collect in small places

some moments together we sit to share, soon time will not spare
so let us be peaceful and enjoy, comfort each other and care

who rules what place what land,what difference does it make
don't you have your own freedom, your way, your own land?

if all humanity alike,women and children just different names
all were guided the same, one home, played the same games

what lessons from previous wars do  we remember, be it
Chawinda, D Day Waterloo   or 6th of  September 

nothing did we gain but death destruction downfall and pain
killing each other, unknown strangers again again and again;

and so many think and talk and speak and call for peace 
and write and write essays stories and poems for peace

but still produce gather and buy weapons bombs and guns
each moment each hour lose life families and loving sons

I am no princess nor a peasant just a simple human,now
seeing blood and death , I pray peace , real peace now 

lets now make a vow, along with the candles and bouquets 
lets all try, put down the rifles and guns,call back the jets, 

Try to end all conflict,live and let live, end all strife
you can call back the tanks and troops, but you cannot

ever ever ever call back.....a life'